Joshua Tree

My brother and I took a photo excursion into Joshua Tree National Park. Felt good to get out and shoot some nature.


Finally getting around to updating the site after almost two years. Restructuring things and adding a lot of new photos. More galleries will go live as they're updated. Stay tuned...



Had the pleasure of taking this group portrait of the Coachella/Stagecoach Site and Perimeter Ops crew. Hard working bunch, and some good friends, too.

VSCO Film 05 Tests

I just picked up VSCO's newest pack of presets, 05. I don't use them often, but presets are a great way to speed up your workflow. I use the VSCOcam app on almost every shot I take with my phone, and I tend to reach for VSCO's film presets for personal projects, travel photos, and candid shots from parties. For this quick test, I used some shots from my vacation in Alaska three years ago. I gotta say, I'm impressed! What you see below are three examples of images taken straight from my camera, and then no other editing than applying VSCO's presets. Just click the images to flip through before/after. I may add more examples soon.

A Brief Look Back

There are many things in the works right now. I've got a lot on my plate. It is a strange feeling to look back on the last few years of my photography and realize how far I've come. This was the fifth year I've photographed the Coachella festival, and tonight I find myself looking back at the handful of photos I managed to hang onto from that year, none of which have ever been on my website. Below are the three of which I am most proud. It's clear that I've progressed since capturing these images, but they are evidence of where I started this completely ridiculous and awesome journey. I think I'll add them into the mix for a while...