Exciting news! I am now a "house photographer" for the El Rey Theater and the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles! That means there's gonna be a whole slew of new photos flooding in this year! My site's main galleries can't contain it all! So from now on all of the photos I deem worthy of publishing will end up here in the news section. The cream of the crop, the top 2-4 images, will end up in the "shows" or "festivals" galleries.

2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year! Stay tuned, kids...


Some of you have been privy to the fact that I've been going back through unused shots from this year's Coachella festival. It really is amazing what you can find when you're looking with fresh eyes.

So, I've removed some of my least favorite shots from the gallery, and replaced them with some newly processed shots. So far this includes The Black Keys and Mumford & Sons.

There may be more on the way soon, so keep checking back!


We're closing in on 100 people liking the facebook page. That's a big enough milestone to have a contest in my mind. Share the page with your friends, and ask them to like it! Both the 100th person to like the page and the person who suggested the page to them will receive a signed print of their choice from any of the galleries on! Ready? GO!